Bill Payment

Utility Payment:

  • Water payment: customer must bring the water bill or inform the water user number.
  • Electricity payment: Customer must bring the electricity bill of each payment.
  • Phone payment and Internet payment.
  • Top up and cash withdraw into M-Money and U-Money.
  • Road Tax.
  • Land Tax.
  • Leasing Payment:

  • Krungsri payment : Customer must inform the number of contract and exchange rate.
  • Mahathuen Leasing Public Company.
  • Kolao Group: Customer must inform the number of contract.
  • Tax can be paid in two way:

  • Payment through smart TAX
  • For new customers who do not have a SMART TAX card, you need to fill out a form to activate the card, the documents required to apply for the activation card must include identification documents such as ID card , passport or other ..., customers who are enterprises or companies must have company documents such as enterprise registration, tax registration and other documents.
  • For customers who already have a SMART TAX card, the card can be used for top-up service immediately without having to fill out documents.
  • 2. Payment through tax return: customer must bring the tax return and pay at the counter.
  • insurance agency

    As an insurance sale agent for 5 companies: Lao-Viet Insurance Company, Allianz General Laos, Dhipaya Insurance, Lanxang Assurance, Sokxay Insurance there are 5 insurance product:
    1) Car insurance
    2) (PA). personal accident insurance
    3) Borrower insurance
    4) Credit management Insurance
    - As a life insurance sales agent 1 company: Sokxay life insurance has 2 products:
    1) life insurance
    2) Health insurance

    Other Services

    - Sale of real estate
    - Real estate for rent.
    Currency Buying Selling
    USD 21,773 21,912
    THB 692.00 696.00
    CNY 3,330 3,388
    EUR 23,109 23,335
    VND 0.84 0.85
    Date: 14-06-2024 More detail »

    Bill Payment

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